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Transformational Mediation Group

Welcome to our community. 

The Transformational Meditation Group is for those that want to take their potential to the next level and use powerful tools to transform lives and manifest a new future.

Dervin replied 9 days ago

Transformation the Hawaiian Way (Online Workshop)

The word ho’oponopono roughly translates to “cause things to move back in balance” or to “make things right.” In native Hawaiian language, “pono” means balance, in the sense of “life.” When things are in balance, nothing is off.

Your teacher... (More)

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SebTMG Administrator
Transformation Guide & Meditation Instructor
If it doesn't make sense and doesn't feel good, it's your birthright to say no and stop the abuse. ⁣

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Aug. 15) - Healing Art

[ Click here for the countdown timer and link to the meeting room ]

In this week's meditation class @Seb will talk about how art like paintings, photographs, music, and more can be used during a process of healing. 

Seb updated 3 days ago

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Aug. 08) - When Normal becomes Abnormal

One can discuss if it's a negative side effect of meditation, but many with a daily mediation practice have experienced that their perspective on our society changes and often not in a positive way. Seb will talk about why this... (More)