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Seb updated 2 days ago

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (May. 16) - About Noise and Disturbances

This Monday's live meditation session was about dealing with noise and other disturbances that might distract you from your meditation. 

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Karen liked 6 days ago
SebTMG Administrator
Transformation Guide & Meditation Instructor
It is a joy to see more and more people changing their understanding of what life means to them. What being a human being means to them. ⁣It's wonderful to see how many people now start to understand that the... (More)
Khadene liked 8 days ago
SebTMG Administrator
Transformation Guide & Meditation Instructor

Thanks for your question @Varinder singh33 . There are several methods here. What always worked for me, and I've seen working in several cases, is practicing techniques that detach the emotional charge from the memory. A helpful way of doing... (More)