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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Jun. 20) - Understanding Meditation

In today's session, Seb explains meditation from two perspectives, and of course, we do our regular meditation technique. If you want to do the 7-day meditation challenge mentioned in the podcast then jump to and register.

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SebTMG Administrator
Transformation Guide & Meditation Instructor

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Jun. 13) - How to Develop Your Visualization Skill

During our sessions, we do a lot of visualization which is not always easy. In this week's podcast, Seb teaches a technique called Trataka where you'll learn a neat trick that can help you in your visualization efforts.

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Jun. 06) - About the Power of Intention

This week we did an intention special and held the intention for a whole family and an intention for one of our long-time followers. I hope you got a feel for what it is like to use our self-regulating abilities... (More)

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (May. 30) - About the Art of Detachment

Today we had a lovely session with many people joining live. Seb explained meditation and detachment.  

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