Every day you make countless choices. The majority of those choices you don’t think about. Your nervous system makes these choices based on past experiences, believes and more. Over the years you have programmed your nervous system to react to certain situations in certain ways. The more we run off our automatic program, the more we get stuck in loops. Loops where we experience the same over and over again. The past 6-7 years I’ve been guiding people into becoming more aware of their automatic programs. To analyze which programs are sabotaging for them and which programs are not. Then they have to make a choice which programs have to change or completely be replaced. With a new set of programs we start to make different choices than before, leading to different experiences than before. New opportunities will come on people’s path. It’s a joy to see people completely turn their lives around for the better, with some guidance and cutting edge meditation techniques. From improved relationships, to career changes and improved mental and physical health, it is amazing what we as humans are capable of.