The TMG community website is the central hub for everything related to Transformational Meditation. It is here our off-line and online classes, workshops, and courses come together. Now all TMG students and followers can come together and discuss the content, share experiences, ask, and answer questions.

Where to begin?

Your journey begins at the top of the site. From here you can access our major contact points. 

The Discord Community is our place for live interaction. Here you can chat directly with others, listen to music and meditate together. A lot of our live sessions take place on Discord as well. Other functions are a meditation tracker, tarot card reading, and more.

Our Patreon Members are our VIPs and always get their hands on the good stuff first as well as exclusive content and good deals on workshops and courses off-line and online. Go take a look and see what benefits Patreon members get.

CosmicNation was the place to go before we became the Transformational Meditation Group. Well familiar with our students from the USA, it is now turned into an information website as we go over to build and grow the community functionality here on this site. Courses and workshops will still be available in the US and other countries from this site. If you ever get mail from us it will be from our email address. 

TMGNorge is our Norwegian information page. TMG founder Seb, has his home base in Norway and has regular local off-line meditation gatherings there as well as courses and workshops in Norwegian. 

What to do next?

This depends on how much you want to engage. Throughout the years we've discovered that there are different groups of people enjoying our content. In this section, we would like to guide you on which options might fit you best. 

  • If you are curious and interested in self-empowerment, learning new skills, and applying them in everyday life. In short, you want to become the best version of yourself. Then registering and joining this community is something you won't regret and the easiest way to stay up to date and learn new things every week. Joining our community on Discord is also a fun interactive way to engage with other students and like-minded people. Also, make sure to contact us and ask about workshops and course possibilities near you. 
  • If you are facing health challenges and are not afraid to ask questions then registering and joining this community is something we can highly recommend. Also, contact us for course and workshop possibilities near you.
  • If you are one of the above persons and/or are keen on sharing your experiences, tips, and tricks when it comes to mediation, transformation, and manifestation techniques. Or maybe you just want to share your art-work or music or your pictures of your pets. Then we DEFINITELY NEED YOU right here on this site
  • If you are one of the before-mentioned types of people or you are appreciating the content we provide and want more to be grateful for then not only consider joining this community but also support us through a Patreon Membership. You won't regret it. 
  • If you are the quiet type and rather just take what you can get, then following along here on this site is always a good idea, but you might be better off following TMG Founder Seb on Instagram.  

What to expect?

We started our TMG community hub November 8 2020. All social functionality is in place and we are now focusing on getting as much content over from our Facebook group as possible. 

  • Event calendar/announcements.
    - Stay up to date on our online and offline events. 
  • Free and paid online classes.
    - Earn badges with challenges and courses and become a transformation and manifestation master.
  • An up to date knowledge library for our course participants.
    - As we follow the latest science and developments so do our courses and workshops. For those students who want to stay up to date, we also keep our knowledge library up to date.
  • Sharing is Caring.
    Various content from community members like you. Based on your and other member's feedback this community hub will grow and expand with new content and interesting subjects.