Dear community members,

We're moving and want to take you with us. What is going to happen? Actually, it might sound more dramatic than it actually is. 

The company that provides us with the community platform ( we've called home for the past years is no longer going to give support from January 31st. Chris (@Nuriel )and I have been searching for a new home and got offered a deal with a new provider called UUKI. Their platform has the same look and feel as our current one but has some very nice technical enhancements. The platform is new and Chris and @Seb have been busy with the UUKI team the past few days, to solve a couple of bugs we found. It has been great working together with the folks from UUKI on solving everything we found. Chris has given us the green light today, to invite you over to our new and future community website. 

What is the plan from now on?

We have already started the process of moving the knowledge library, workshops, and courses over to the new website. After this move, we will close down the Workshop & Courses section on this website and link everyone to the courses and workshops on the new site. We anticipate this move to be finished before the end of the year. 

All members of this site will receive an invitation in their mailbox during the coming weeks, asking them to join the new community website. Note that if you want to keep access to the workshops and courses that you have paid for that you will need to create an account on the new website. You will get access on the new site to your courses and workshops the moment they have been transferred. 

The people from will delete this website January 31st. All data will be deleted including all your account information and the website will not be accessible after January 31. 

During the transition period, we will maintain and post on both websites. You are free to stay on this website during the transition period or start using our new community home. 

As mentioned before, every registered member here will in the coming days receive an invitation to join our new community home, but if you cannot wait you can already take a look and move your account yourself by visiting

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments.

L&L - Esmie