Shift - The art of Transformation
Shift - The art of Transformation

Registration for the September 28 course is now closed. You can still reserve a spot but that will then be for an upcoming course. 

Shift is our brand new online 6-week course for those who want to learn the ins and outs of the science and biology behind personal transformation and manifestation. In this course, you'll learn about, and practice the self-regulation and deep meditation techniques that lay behind everything from spontaneous healing to profound deep transformative insights. 

Because of the nature of the course content, this course is for now given to 15 participants at a time. 

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The live version of this course has been described as a game-changer by many participants. A course that gives new meaning behind the mix of ancient spiritual practices and modern techniques for self-regulation. 

"That Seb is going to do this course online and with small groups at a time, just reminds me again how dedicated this man is to making everyone succeed and reach their goals." - Kristine 

"That someone like Seb, with his medical background, stands up like this and is able to bring both western medical knowledge and ancient practices together while showing respect for both sides, has been an eye opener for me. Everything connected for me at one point, and I'm forever grateful for the insights he gave me." - Stian

"Inside this man hides a spiritual Guru that has his feet firmly planted on Earth. No difficult spiritual terms. It's all plain English with a cute accent." - Danielle

"Seb taught me to do unreal things while staying real." - Chris

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6 Modules, 6 Weeks

Module 1: Reality and you
Knowing how you interpret the information around you and how this interpretation shapes your reality is key to taking back your power. With fun examples and exercises you’ll experience for yourself how easy we can trick ourselves into believing something that turns out not to be true at all the moment we change your perspective. This week you'll also learn how to become aware of more of your reality by using your intuition as your sixth sense.

Module 2: Finding yourself amongst someone else
In week 2 we take a closer look at how over the years we have put on layers and layers of conditioning. You'll learn how to identify, accept, and shed these layers. This week will for some of you be highly cleansing and healing. I want to encourage you to communicate your experiences to me or the group this week as part of this cleansing and healing.

Module 3: Healthy living in an unhealthy world
How can we keep our body, mind, and spirit in harmony while being exposed to all the thousands of stressors that come with our modern lifestyle? Seb will share a few tips and tricks on how to navigate through an ever-growing web of environmental toxins.

Module 4: A date with source
In the first three weeks, we have laid the foundation for transformation and manifestation. It's time to go deeper. It's time to become freer. It's time to get back to where it all starts. This week you'll learn a technique for deep meditation and complete relaxation. You'll notice during these sessions that things from the previous weeks are starting to fall into place.

Module 5: Riding the waves of creation
This week we go a step further and utilize the knowledge from module one to turn the dials of our future. It is now you'll notice that you slowly start to become a transformation and manifestation master. 

Module 6: Make it your own
You've made it to the end of the course! I hope you got as much out of it as you could and that you are ready to decide how to incorporate some or all of that you learned into your everyday life. This week you'll be making a plan for the future. Some of you even more, like a promise to yourself or a contract with yourself. I'll also introduce you to the help available to you to keep on track. 

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After reserving your spot you will be asked to register for the course. The price of the course is $185,- USD (Early Bird) and $225,- USD (Regular price)