Wishing you all a happy New Year. May this year be the year where you will meet the opportunities that will bring you a greater feeling of well-being. For those who follow me and the Transformational Meditation Group, you know that you can have control over what kind of opportunities will come your way. I hope you will continue doing the work and feel inspired and empowered also in 2022. For those that want to get started this year empowering themselves by discovering their true nature, keep following along. I will continue my self-regulation sessions almost every Monday 9 pm UTC on Instagram Live. February 5 & 6 there is a weekend course in the beautiful city of Molde in Norway which is on the verge to get fully booked. And right after that, we start with another round with the online course SHIFT. I hope to see you online and maybe even in person somewhere in 2022. Cheers!