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Varinder singh
Asked a question last year

How to let go any bad memory?

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SebTMG Administrator
Transformation Guide & Meditation Instructor

Thanks for your question @Varinder singh33 . There are several methods here. What always worked for me, and I've seen working in several cases, is practicing techniques that detach the emotional charge from the memory. A helpful way of doing this is asking yourself if the feeling you get when this memory comes up is something useful for you right now. Most likely the answer will be no. The more you ask yourself this every time the memory comes back you'll notice you can let go of if easier. Another nice thing to do in addition is to focus on the wisdom from that memory. Maybe you've learned something useful from it? You can then turn the emotional charge of the memory into wisdom. Self regulation techniques like the Heart-Brain coherence techniques from.our 7-day meditation challenge are good techniques to start with and to adopt to your needs. Let me know if you need help with this. 

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