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Here you'll find our Guided Meditations, Podcasts, Interviews, and more.

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation - About Healing Relationships (Jan. 10)

How can the HBC technique and meditation in general, contribute to healthier and even healing a relationship? Seb will tell about the benefits of meditation for relationships today. Enjoy!

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation - About motivation (Jan. 03)

We start the year with a fitting theme, motivation. Seb will talk shortly about how meditation can influence our motivation in a positive way and of course, we will practice some motivation-related Heart-Brain Coherence.

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Dec. 20)

Our last HBC session for this year. But we'll be back as soon as possible in 2022 again of course. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday and a very happy New Year from us at TMG!

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Healing from Within - Guided Meditation

Healing from Within is all about heart-focus and healing your body from your heart source. Transformational Guide Seb will help you bring your body into a deeply relaxing state. After that, he takes you on a journey where you get... (More)