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Upcoming events

Hi everyone. I'm forgetting to put up new events here on the old platform. Since we're almost finished getting everything over to our new community platform, I might just as well point you there straight away.

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Just Meditate! - Kindness towards Three Kinds of People

This Just Meditate session is all about kindness. Of course, we'll do a kindness meditation together.

Love Your Love Muscle - 🎃 Halloween Special 👻

Let's add Heart to Halloween in this Halloween special! What are we going to do? Summon ghosts? A live broadcasted exorcism? I don't know.... why not join and find out?

[ Patrons can listen to the recording here ]

Just Meditate! - Let's note that

In this episode, we gather again on Fireside to focus on our meditation practice. @Seb will talk about Noting. A nifty idea that can help you tremendously during mindfulness meditation.