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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation - About Healing Relationships (Jan. 10)

How can the HBC technique and meditation in general, contribute to healthier and even healing a relationship? Seb will tell about the benefits of meditation for relationships today. Enjoy!

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation - About motivation (Jan. 03)

We start the year with a fitting theme, motivation. Seb will talk shortly about how meditation can influence our motivation in a positive way and of course, we will practice some motivation-related Heart-Brain Coherence.

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Dec. 20)

Our last HBC session for this year. But we'll be back as soon as possible in 2022 again of course. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday and a very happy New Year from us at TMG!

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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation - Dealing with becoming overwhelmed (Dec. 13)

Whether it is work-related or Christmas-related situations where you can get overwhelmed, practicing meditation will give you the opportunity to notice getting in such situations quicker and easier. Then you have enough time to maybe react differently and in a,... (More)