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Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Aug. 15) - Healing Art

[ Click here for the countdown timer and link to the meeting room ]

In this week's meditation class @Seb will talk about how art like paintings, photographs, music, and more can be used during a process of healing. 

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Aug. 08) - When Normal becomes Abnormal

One can discuss if it's a negative side effect of meditation, but many with a daily mediation practice have experienced that their perspective on our society changes and often not in a positive way. Seb will talk about why this... (More)

SebTMG Administrator
Transformation Guide & Meditation Instructor

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Aug. 01) - Dealing with Irritations

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Irritations, distractions. Everyone will get confronted with it sooner or later when meditating. In this class, Seb will explain what it's all about as well as give you different strategies to deal with it. 

Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation (Jul. 25) - About Meditating with Animals

What is happening when we meditate with animals? Why do animals often come close when we are in a certain state of being? How can we understand and communicate better with the animals around us? These questions will be answered... (More)