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Love Your Love Muscle - 🎃 Halloween Special 👻

Let's add Heart to Halloween in this Halloween special! What are we going to do? Summon ghosts? A live broadcasted exorcism? I don't know.... why not join and find out?

[ Patrons can listen to the recording here ]

Love Your Love Muscle - The Power of Intention

Do you know someone in need of support or healing? Get ready for another episode of Love Your Love Muscle, where we will practice the power of intention and set an intention for someone or something. Who or what will... (More)

Love Your Love Muscle - Add Heart

Welcome to our first episode of Love Your Love Muscle! This is the upgraded version of our weekly Heart-Brain Coherence sessions. Recorded live on Fireside, Instagram, and Odysee. Since this is the first episode Seb explains what the show is... (More)